Franchise Opportunity

Talk to us as we guide you through the whole process from developing a new Kopitiam for your new business venture and career. We cover from A to Z. The way we works:

  1. We help analyze the location you chosen via SWOT analysis. To identify the target market and how to penetrate this market.

  2. We help setup and renovate the whole shop and including kitchen equipment. Except rental, rental deposit, utilities.

  3. We then help recruiting the stalls via marketing or our existing partners.

  4. Once opened, we will guie and provide training to you and your staffs from drinks to cashier system to SOP etc.

  5. We will guide for 6 months, and then we do monthly visit to check on the whole operation.

  6. The best thing is: IT DOESNT cost a bomb to develop new food court, all it need is RM300,000 and yearly loyalty fees of 5%.

Our Technology

We are Omnichannel, by joining us as Franchisee, we will help stalls / hawkers to get listed on our own deliery platform. Therefore, it will enhance hawkers performance which in will help overall food court / franchisee business.