"The story of Nanyang Kopitiam is about community and growth.

In order for us to further our growth, we are now fundraising. What this mean is that you, our supporters can now be part of Nanyang Kopitiam by investing in the company.

We are now live on pitchIN. pitchIN is a registered Recognised Marker Operator (SC) licensed by the Securities Commission that allows companies like Nanyang Kopitiam to fundraise from the general public.

Click on the link and you will see our profile and the opportunity to be part of us. Join us as we embarked on a journey to embrace Malaysia’s food culture. We intend to bring Nanyang Kopitiam to a global stage, this is where we belong. We are growing and we believe in three years time Nanyang F&B Management Services will be listed on stock market.

Hence, together we grow, together we embrace Malaysian culture!

Our pitch deck and master plan on how Nanyang Kopitiam intends to move forward can be downloaded from the pitchIN page. "

Nanyang F&B Pitch deck.pptx

Enjoy our pitch deck and to see our master plan moving forward.